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Fireplaces are commonly used for warmth during cold weather. They also provide a sense of coziness and homeyness during the winter months.

How are fireplaces installed?

Professional contractors generally install fireplaces. These professionals will ensure that the fireplace is installed according to building codes and regulations for your city or town.

5 Factors to consider when choosing a fireplace maker.

  1. Where do they get their gas logs? Where does it come from? What is its safety record?
  2. What are the process and standards that they use to inspect their products?
  3. How are they installed? Are any permits required?
  4. What is the lifetime guarantee on the fireplace’s components and functionality?
  5. Is there a labor warranty, or do you have to hire another contractor to repair any problems they create?

Where can I find a reputable installation company?

When choosing a fireplace installation company, here are five good places to start:

Ask for recommendations from any of your friends or family members. If they had anything done by this company in the past, ask them about their experience with the company and who recommended them in the first place.

Ask at your local home improvement store. Their employees will be knowledgeable about the products and services available in your area, and they should be able to recommend a solid company for you.

Check online reviews. Many companies have their websites, which include customer feedback from previous clients. This may provide further insight into what type of service to expect from them or what kind of install you might need.

Look for companies that are members of your local Chamber of Commerce. This shows a level of commitment to the community, which should translate into their work ethic and perhaps even what kind of credentials are required to become part of their company.

Be wary of any company that charges an upfront fee. If they are professional, there should be no extra charge other than what you would expect to pay for materials and labor.


Fireplaces are an excellent addition to any home. Be sure to do your research and shop around before purchasing anything or making any commitments, as you want to be satisfied with the installer’s service.