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About Fireplaces

A fireplace is generally installed inside the home. Most people find that installing a fireplace can be done by themselves, if they are physically capable of lifting their new installation into the house. Professionals are available for those with injuries or disabilities which prevent them from doing this on their own.

Once the site is selected – where you want your fireplace to be, you need to find a professional installer. Finding a fireplace installer is often as easy as asking around the neighborhood for referrals. Beyond this, calling your local home builder’s association or heating and cooling contractor list is also sure to produce results. Also consider hiring an individual who already has experience installing fireplaces AND whose work you have seen yourself.

Most fireplaces are made of stone or brick. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the material you select for your fireplace supports these materials. You can ask a professional installer which type of masonry is best for your specific installation site. They will also be able to assist you in picking out what color and design would

1.Most fireplaces require an electric source nearby. Generally this is plugged into an outlet near the fireplace and then the cord is hidden behind or underneath it. If you don’t already have an electrical outlet nearby, one will have to be installed professionally.

2.You will have to pay someone to install the flue as well. Often this is done by a plumber. This job calls for a professional with knowledge of working under homes and installing pipes and vents, etc.

3.Some fireplaces require a “smoke shelf.” This is where smoke from the fireplace can move up through the chimney. A smoke shelf needs to be installed before you can install your fireplace properly.

4.You will also need to consider where you want the vent or flue to run out of your home. This is called

work best with your existing home d├ęcor.In order to install a fireplace, there are several things which you should know: “venting” and is usually one of the most critical parts of installing a fireplace correctly. Your installer will make suggestions for installation styles and materials.