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Information About Fireplaces

In today’s rapidly changing world, fireplaces have been changed from traditional wood or gas-burning models to a green alternative.

It was speculated that the first fireplace was constructed by Ancient Heathens. Using rocks and various natural materials, these early civilizations were able to create a hole in the ground which was filled with items such as leaves and other natural material. The heat from the fire was contained within using more stone which provided warmth to the cave it resided in.

The first manufactured fireplace is believed to be constructed by Ancient Romans who would create their rooms with symmetric stones, four feet wide and ten inches high. These fireplaces were able to reach temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit during which time it would provide heat to the homes.

During medieval times, fireplaces were constructed in the same fashion as the Ancient Romans, but generally with less symmetry and more creativity applied to their style. A great number of castles constructed during this era had immense rooms which housed one or multiple fireplaces each. Villagers began adopting these styles into their homes as more and more people were able to afford manufactured fireplaces.

The modern era brought a great advancement in fireplace design. Using various materials, fireplaces can now be constructed with a variety of designs that no longer have to include symmetric stones, but rather have the ability to incorporate any number of components from tiles to ornamental pieces. By the end of the 19th Century, modern fireplaces were able to achieve temperatures around 2000 degrees Celsius.

With a variety of options available ranging from wood burning to electric/gas powered fireplace inserts, there is no need to sacrifice style or long-lasting warmth in your home with a traditional fireplace. The most popular types of fireplaces are brick fireplaces because of the high control over the amount of heat that is produced.

The effective range that a fireplace can produce is usually up to fifty feet which is able to sufficiently reach most living areas in homes. It should be noted however, because of their effectiveness, they are also extremely efficient at producing large amounts of ash and smoke. For this reason, it is important that they are kept free of ash and have proper ventilation to prevent choking or even fires.

If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace, there are many options available for you to purchase! (Pipefiks) Most home improvement stores provide ample information regarding the different styles available so feel free to browse their catalogues! Keep an eye out for sales on fireplace inserts as many of the major home improvement stores provide a great number of coupons to help you save some money. (

Home improvements may seem tedious and expensive, but if you have a good contractor it is an easy process made simple! For more information on how to effectively complete this task, go online and do a quick search to find the information you need! (

To take it even further, many fireplace companies provide all of the materials and workmanship that is needed for installation. Typically these companies will not only build your new fireplace but also help with installation as well! If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out your local stores and ask them if they provide installation services.